Macro Snapshot / St. Louis Fed

Macro Snapshot / St. Louis Fed 1

Very useful dashboard via the St. Louis Fed, which maintains the fabulous FRED database. With a clean and simple interface, it puts all of the key economic indicators the FOMC tracks — Real GDP Growth, Unemployment Rate, PCE Inflation, Core PCE Inflation, and the Federal Funds Rate — in one convenient location.

The Macro Snapshot also dives deeper into three core aspects of the economy:

1. Labor Markets: Indicators related to employment;
2. Inflation: Indicators related to different prices, price changes, and expectations about those changes;
3. Gross Domestic Product: GDP and its components.

All of the charts are interactive as well.

The Macro Snapshot also includes a Summary of Economic Projections (SEP) that the FOMC highlights, focusing on the Key Economic Indicators used when making rate change decisions.


Labor Markets

Macro Snapshot / St. Louis Fed 2Macro Snapshot / St. Louis Fed 3



Macro Snapshot / St. Louis Fed 4Macro Snapshot / St. Louis Fed 5


Gross Domestic Product

Macro Snapshot / St. Louis Fed 6Macro Snapshot / St. Louis Fed 7

It is super convenient to have these all in a single location…



Macro Snapshot by the St. Louis Fed

Thanks to (Invictus for highlighting this new dashboard

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