Merry Almost Christmas and Holiday Posting/Comments Sort of Holiday

Merry Almost Christmas and Holiday Posting/Comments Sort of Holiday 1

Regardless of whether your observe Christmas on the 25th, or on January 7th, or celebrate a different winter solstice holiday, or aren’t big on religion, I hope you get some R&R over what is generally a quiet period around the world.

Merry Almost Christmas and Holiday Posting/Comments Sort of Holiday 2Since some of you may nevertheless need mental health breaks from perhaps overly well-meaning family members, we will continue with our daily posting. Links may be thinner due to lower news flow. We will also typically have only 2 cross posts.

If you would like to help, we are very interested in videos, ideally in the last year, that didn’t get the attention they deserved. A quiet media period is useful for this sort of catching up. Please send any candidates to yves-at-nakedcapitalism-dot-com.

Our very hard moderators will also be largely off duty. That means your humble blogger will be the main comments jockey. That also implies that if you post in the morning or early afternoon US time, it will be a while before any comment that winds up in moderation is liberated. So please be patient!

Regardless, hope you have some fun. And best wishes for 2023!

PS. To find the cute tree above, I searched on Google. When I put in “Christmas”….the first autofill was “in Ukraine”.

I had to call Lambert. I made him guess what the autofill was. He couldn’t come up with anything. I told him the answer in a disapproving voice. He was appalled yet amused at how unorganic this result was and what had been done to make this come about.

He suggested I screenshot the result. I said I didn’t intend to post on it.

So I went back to do the search again since I had stopped before I had located any images.

This time, the first autofill was “eastern orthodox Christmas 2022.” And other suggestions very different from the first list.

Not liking how attentively Google seems able to listen.

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