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New York Makes Use of Chokeholds a Felony Charge

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New York Makes Use of Chokeholds a Felony Charge


Nearly six years after a NY cop killed Eric Garner, the New York State Assembly has effectively outlawed the use of chokehold, making use of them a felony charge under New York state law.

Some victory.

At least they named the legislation after him, the Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold Act.

I’ve chosen to post today on the New York action, and left you, dear readers, to rely on a Common Dreams crosspost I also put up, to discuss the broader national police legislation, proposed yesterday by the Congressional Black Caucus. among other mainstream Democrats, for reasons I will dispose of here.  I expect there will be ample opportunity to discuss this national policing legislation anon.

First, the odious Kamala Harris is front and centre in promoting the national bill, and I don’t trust her at all on policing reform matters nor for that matter on any criminal justice issues, frankly. She is aided and abetted by Corey Booker – to whom, rightly or wrongly,I give the benefit of the doubt. This may be partly because as a fellow rodent, I well understand the incredible pressures to which he is subject,

Some of the NC commentariat might pillory me for that statement. Bring it on!  Although I don’t personally know Booker, some whose opinion I trust, do, And maintain He’s a decent guy. So ti hope he is,i  by proposing this bill, which certainly forwards some worthwhile objectives. But it merely lays them on the table.

Another point on that national measure. Despite the seeming mainstream Democratic Party support, Republicans are not yet on board to support the reform measure. Or is this to be yet another issue on which political parties go separate ways – meaning that legislative solutions do not follow?

So that leads me to a second reason to laud  the NY state action, compared to the national Congressional Black Caucus proposals. Republicans do not appear to be on board with this reform agenda, and I fear this entire exercise in policing reform may at the end of the day reduce to nothing more them virtue signalling.

New York State Action

Away from DC and back to New York. This is not to dispute the action NY state legislators undertook, defying  police unions and parring their reform measure. Which changes the law on the ground in the state or New York (where I happen to be a resident.

The act creates new crime called aggravated strangulation, subject to  a maximum sentence of 15 years, and occurs a police or peace officer, using a chokehold or similar restraint, applies pressure to the throat or windpipe of a person, according to Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie’s office. The offense applies if the officer hinders breathing or the intake of air, and the action causes serious physical injury or deathm according to Syricuse.com, NY lawmakers pass law named after Eric Garner that criminalizes police chokeholds

Well. Pity it wasn’t in effect in Minneapoliis, and doesn’t apply to what Derek Chavin allegedly did to George Floyd.

New Yprk governor has indicates he will sign the bill into alw. as if he could do anything else, given the current political slimate and the time that has elapsed since Ny police killed Garner. But I sahn’t minimise the potential imapcy of yhis bij. Per “a statement released by the New York State Assembly, 996 people have reported being put in chokeholds by NYPD officers since Garner’s death,sccodinf to a CBS News account. New York lawmakers pass anti-chokehold bill named for Eric CBS News, Garner

The law channge does squat for either George Dlood or Eri Garner. May each of them rest in peace.

But it will certainly make New York police officers think twice in future.



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