Notice Re Short-Term Change in Coverage

Notice Re Short-Term Change in Coverage 1

Dear patient readers,

Your humble blogger is en route to checking out a possible place to which to move after I evict myself later in the coming months (I am currently in my deceased mother’s house, which I have to sell as part of settling her estate).

While the overall level of posts will remain the same, I will be writing much less frequently through Monday February 13. It will be a bit of a challenge for me to stay on top of the news during this time.

Naked Capitalism has been fortunate in that every time I’ve needed to take a partial leave of absence, such as when I was writing ECONNED or during my surgery, talented regulars and friends of the site have done extra duty to maintain our high standards of reporting and analysis. I hope you all will applaud Lambert, Conor, Nick and KLG for stepping up while I have competing duties. And enjoy the change in information mix!

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