Poland’s Coming Economic Collapse: A Story in 8 Tweets

Poland’s Coming Economic Collapse: A Story in 8 Tweets 1

Your humble blogger is trying to dig herself out from under a pile of overdue estate administrativa, hence my temporary absence. But guurst sent along this sighting about Poland’s spending plans, which look destined to drive Poland into even more severe inflation and a currency crisis. It looks like Ukraine will not be the only country that breaks itself in attempting to break Russia.

So forgive me for taking the easy way out and simply hoisting one-time NC writer Philip Pilkington’s informative tweetstorm.

To Pilkington’s final point, Poland has already been in a row with the EU over its refusal to change its judicial structure and other matters. That has largely been put aside for the moment due to Poland’s hawkish stance against Russia.

So what happens when Poland’s economic tsuris leads to its working age adults departing in droves to earn income elsewhere? Oh, and coming maybe only a year or two after Europe contending with refugees from Ukraine?

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