Reminding Those of You on the Fence as Our 2022 Fundraiser Closes: We Really Like You!

Reminding Those of You on the Fence as Our 2022 Fundraiser Closes: We Really Like You! 1

Reminding Those of You on the Fence as Our 2022 Fundraiser Closes: We Really Like You! 2All good things must come to an end. Our 2022 fundraiser wraps up today at midnight Pacific Time. If you’ve been meaning to give but have been otherwise occupied, please go to the Tip Jar, which tells you how to give by check, debit or credit card. Every donation, be it $5, $50, or $5,000, helps support this community and our trenchant commentary.

It may seem sappy for the steely-eyed and sometimes sharp-tongued crew at Naked Capitalism to confess that deep down, we really like our readers. That even includes those of you who sometimes get testy. In a stressful and uncertain time, we’ve remained dedicated to serving the Naked Capitalism community by doing our best to make sense of situations that not all that long ago would have been deemed deranged, from acceptance of open corruption, slack-jawed uptake of obvious propaganda, to tolerance of public-endangering official incompetence (and worse).

We keep up our relentless and ever-expanding search for early insight because we’ve come to know how important Naked Capitalism has become to all of us in feeling grounded and informed. So please keep this community vibrant and vital by going to our Donation page, which tells you how to give by check (no processor fees!), credit or debit card.

Lambert, Nick, KLG, Conor Gallagher, John McGregor, plus our regular guests like Michael Hudson, Thomas Neuburger, Hubert Horan, and the members of our Covid and Brexit brain trusts, all value your intelligence, skepticism, knowledge, and fair-mindedness. You motivate all of us to keep improving our work. And I am sure you have come to know and enjoy the many vivd personalities in the commentariat, as we have.

Just as we value your interest and participation, we depend on your financial support. To keep on top of developments, assess them in close to real time, and give you distilled interpretations requires an ongoing commitment. So please, go now and give generously at the Tip Jar!

The media environment has become only more difficult. The hollowing out of newsrooms and increasingly heavy-handed state censorship means important stories too often get thin or skewed coverage, particularly since they might expose the degree of rot.

Naked Capitalism is one of the few surviving political economy truth-tellers. Where else can you find rigorous, no-holds-barred coverage on topics like:

  • The blowback from economic sanctions against Russia
  • Covid-19 and its implications
  • The real state of the economy, including supply chain issues, Covid-induced labor shortages, shortages generally, and why the Fed can’t fix any of these
  • How the Ukraine war is accelerating US imperial decline
  • Climate change and resource limits
  • Financial industry predation
  • Economic shibboleths and how they serve the top wealthy
  • The erosion of the rule of law
  • Political jousting, particularly in preparation for the US 2022 and 2024 elections

….along with cute animal pictures and regular reader-submitted verses?

Readers are telling us how important Naked Capitalism is to them. From Michael W:

Donated – easily the best money I have spent/will spend anywhere this year!

The posts here are always stellar – and the comments just add to them.

Online since early ’90s and NC, to me, remains the best of what the web could actually be – information that informs, challenges and makes me think and informed comments from intelligent contributors whose heart are obviously in the right place (both anatomically and spiritually!)

Thank you!

And Mark E:

I support your work and all the effort put in by all the contributors to Naked Capitalism!! Bravo!!! NC is my cherished first read and my go-to news source each and every day.

It was Naked Capitalism’s economics reporting that spurred me on to study, learn and understand more about economics. I must confess that the Mark Ames article and his observation of how many in my generation, including myself, didn’t bother to study or even read the bare minimum of economic literature and how we cast aside the ‘dismal science’ has brought many of us on the progressive left to our own present dismal state.

Love the Links and Lambert’s ‘Water Cooler’

Keep up the Great Work.

One grateful Canadian.

And ChrisRUEcon:

This family blog remains the most nourishing oasis in a despicable desert of disinformation!

We want to maintain our high standards and keep charting a changing world. Will you help make that happen?

If you can’t afford to give, please take what you’re learning here and share it. If you are can only afford a little, we’d still appreciate your contribution. But if you can afford more, please give more. Publishing the truth costs, but it is far cheaper than having someone buy the right to lie to you by paying for your media.

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