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Results on Henderson/Wolfers Debate on Ending the Lockdowns

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Results on Henderson/Wolfers Debate on Ending the Lockdowns



Gene Epstein, who hosted the Soho Forum debate between Justin Wolfers and me, sent Justin and me the voting results this afternoon. Recall that the debate resolution read: The US economy should be liberated from the governments’ lockdowns right away.

I defended the resolution; Justin opposed.

Here are the results:

Results on Henderson/Wolfers Debate on Ending the Lockdowns 1

That was a bigger win than I had expected. I thought Justin would gain from the undecideds but he didn’t.

I wrote Justin and Gene the following:

Dear Gene and Justin,

Wow! Of course, that’s not ultimately how I judge a debate. I thought I won on points and not on KO, but I thought it would be closer than that.




Justin wrote back (and gave me permission to quote him):


It’s a great win, and I’m more than happy to concede to the better debater.


As I said at the start of the debate — at some point in time even I will concede that we need to re-open the economy. It appears that our audience was convinced that point might be earlier than I had been willing to concede.

You were, of course, a terrific and kind debate partner, and having admired your work for years, it was fun to finally meet. So at the end of this, I feel like I lost a debate, but made a friend, and I’m pretty happy with that tradeoff.



I replied:

Dear Justin,

Thanks. You’re so gracious.

I did even better because I both won the debate and gained a friend. 🙂



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