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Of all the many things there are to complain about during this shelter-in-place pandemic, being bored should not be one of them. The paradox of choice does create issues of overwhelming the viewer with a near infinite assortment of options; let’s be blunt – all of the streaming services have godawful interfaces for content discovery.

I keep seeing lists of obvious shows – you probably already heard of Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Mandalorian; Instead, let me steer you towards some things you might have missed. My taste straddles the interesting border between mainstream and quirky eclectic. Here are a bunch of new shows, movies and specials – I guarantee you will find something great on this list

Let’s see if we can find 10 Sci Fi/Fantasy shows you might enjoy:

The Boys (Amazon) Superheroes are real, are popular celebrities, but are heavily commodified and merchandised brand names. They are really corporate owned property and abuse their superpowers, rather than use them for good. Bloody mayhem ensues. Well-crafted, with a nasty edge, it is grisly good fun.

I Am Not Okay with This (Netflix)  Does she have powers, or is she going mad? Interesting coming of age teen angst take on the subject. (We blazed through this in 2-days during a 50 hour Caribbean downpour) I am looking forward to season 2

The Lost Room (Amazon) It only runs 6 episodes, but an amazing cast — Peter Krause, Julianna Margulies and Elle Fanning – stumble onto a mystery: Krause’s daughter, Anna, has disappeared inside the Room. Give it two episodes and you will be hooked.

The Counterpart (Starz/Amazon)  J. K. Simmons plays two characters: 1) Howard Silk, a middle level bureaucrat working for a Berlin-based United Nations agency, and 2) Howard Silk Prime, an accomplished clandestine agent in a parallel Earth, created by accident during an 1987 experiment by East German scientists. 2 Seasons.

BrainDead  (CBS/Amazon)  Overlooked during the political Summer of 2016, this is top notch political satire: alien bugs are taking over people’s brains, turning them into political extremists. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Laurel Healy, a documentary filmmaker who takes a job as a constituency caseworker in her brother’s Senatorial office; with Tony Shalhoub + Brooke Adams.

Electric Dreams: (Amazon) If you like Altered Carbon, or are a Philip K. Dick fan, give this series a try. All of the episodes are unrelated but have ties to PKD.

Picard: (CBS) Surprisingly good take on the Star Trek franchise (only with cursing and grit). The Federation has lost its way, infiltrated by spies, and no longer standing for what it once did. Accessible to fans and non-fans, but those who loved TNG will appreciate the depth of the canon and an update to what old characters have been up to.

Love, Death and Robots (Netflix) A series of animated shorts by various writers / directors / animators, all different in style and focus.

Mr. Robot: (USA/Amazon) Gritty thriller involving vigilante hackers fighting back against the Corporate State. Starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater.

The Good Place (NBC/Netflix) The premise: Kristen Bell arrives in the afterlife, welcomed by Ted Danson to The Good Place. She realizes she was sent there by mistake and must hide her morally reprehensible personality. The first network television show to have a philosophical soul. Worth staying with for the entire series.


Let me know if you like any of these (Hashtag #StreamThis), and if there is any demand, I will share other favorites from different genres.


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