Taking Action Over Theft of Our Copyrighted Material by Vineyard of the Saker

Taking Action Over Theft of Our Copyrighted Material by Vineyard of the Saker 1

Vineyard of the Saker misappropriated our copyrighted material by reproducing the full text of an important Naked Capitalism original post on the apparent drivers of recent Russian versus American economic performance. Note that each post clearly states that it is copyrighted: “Copyright © 2006 – 2022 Aurora Advisors Incorporated All Rights Reserved.”

No attempt was made to obtain the required approval to republish our content. In fact, it appears that the Saker was trying to hide the violation of our copyright by changing the title while hoisting the article in full. We are not linking to the post because that would only drive more traffic to the site.

We contacted a regular writer at The Saker, who had once asked us to publish one of his articles and had also written us last week while the Saker was under DDoS attack. We asked him for the e-mail address of Andrei, the site proprietor, so we could demand that he take down our post. We have not gotten any reply.

Because the Saker is hosted in Iceland, we cannot employ the usual remedy of filing a DMCA takedown notice, which typically results in the speedy removal of purloined material (the host is in the crosshairs and hosting is a very low margin business; they typically will take an entire site offline rather than incur liability if the publisher does not comply with a removal request). Since Andrei is in the US, he is liable but at this point suing him would be overkill.

We have blacklisted the Saker until he removes the post in question. We will rip out any comments that discuss the site. The loss of traffic from no longer being included from time to time in our daily Links and in comments will soon greatly exceed whatever benefit was gained from stealing our work.

If the Saker removes the post in question and writes us to state that the Vineyard of the Saker will refrain from ever again posting our work without having obtained permission in advance, we will delete this post and reverse our blacklisting of his site.

If the Saker has not removed the post in question by a week from today, we will go through our posts and comments and expunge all past links to the Saker. Appearing in Links at Naked Capitalism elevates the recipient in search rankings.

We are not enabling comments on this post and will delete any comments we see on other posts that discuss this action. We are non-negotiable as far as protecting our work is concerned.

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