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Thanks to Our Fall Campaign Donors

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Thanks to Our Fall Campaign Donors


“Thank you!” to the generous supporters, below, who donated to our Fall Campaign. The best people in the world support the Mises Institute. Will you join them?

The goal of our Fall Campaign is simple—to increase our Membership and our influence. Please take time to donate TODAY.


Monday, September 28

Ms. Alyssa Bailey
Mr. Andrius Balandis
Dr. Francis Xavier Bardavío Ara
Mr. Thomas Bertrand
Mr. Randy Bleyer
Mr. Mark Bloom
Mr. Randy Boring
Mr. Boris Borissov
Mr. Charles Borrego
Mr. Trevor Brown
Mr. Richard Browning
Mr. Thomas J. Burlingame
Mr. Richard Causley
Mr. Paul Cerino
Mr. Juan Carlos Cervellera
Hong Chen
Mr. Bruno Cormouls-Houlès
Mr. Everett Davis
Mr. Dennis De Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Dempster
Dr. Atanu Dey
Mr. Paul Doherty
Mr. Eugene Dorosh
Mr. Kent Drinkwater
Mr. Romain Durand
Mr. Joshua Enderle
Mr. Dirk Enk
Mr. Mike Everett
Mr. Bart Frazier
Mr. Pedro Gaivao
Mr. Robert Gale
Mr. Surajit Goswami
Mr. Robert Hartnett
Mr. Stanley Heard
Mr. Adam Heinrich
Mr. Nathan Hines
Mr. François Hodler
Mr. Andreas Huebner and
    Mrs. Maria Jose Silva Roman
Mr. Paul Isherwood
Mr. Michael Itzo
Mr. Daniel A. Jeffre
Dr. Porter Jenkins
Mr. Guojie Jia
Mr. Brian Johnson
Dr. James Justice
Mr. Peter J. Kalisky
Ms. Kaye Kamon
Mr. Kevin Kell
Mr. Cory Klein
Mr. Jim Knowler
Bernard and Joan Koether
Mr. Greg Krabbenhoft
Mr. Alex Kulikowski
Dr. Dennis Kulonda
Mr. Matthew LaRoche
Mr. Jon Lawrence
Mr. Charles Lebeda
Dr. Paul Leslie
Mr. Matthew Lorence
Mr. William Lupien
Ms. Susan Lussos
Mr. Aaron Macias
Dr. Allen Martin
Mr. John McCarty
Mr. Curtis McGirt
Ms. Christina Mehren
Mr. Jip Meijer
Mr. Peter J. Michel
Mr. Don Murphy
Mr. Matthew Murphy
Mr. Christopher Nawrot
Ms. Summer Norris
Mr. Charles Novy
Albrecht Fürst Oettingen-Spielberg
Mrs. Carrie ORourke
Ms. Terri Ortego
Ms. Rachel Pettit
Mr. Eugenio Pozzo
Mr. Philip Prodanovic
Mr. Jason Reichert
Mr. Danny Roberson,
    In memory of Voltairine de Cleyre
Rev. Charles Roberts
Mr. Andrew Roberts
Mr. Holger Röder
Mr. Frank Rooney
Mr. Carlos Rossi
Mr. Anthony Rozmajzl
Mr. Glenn M. Ruffus
Mr. Brae Sadler,
    In honor of Dave Smith
Mr. Michael Scarbrough
Mr. Edward Scott
Mr. Vincent Scrivens
Mrs. Margaret Scsaszny
Mr. Kurt Seidler
Mr. John Shemilt
Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Shelter
Mr. Michael Simon
Mr. Walter E. Stepko
Mr. Daniel Șterbuleac
Mr. John Sullivan
Mr. Dale Summers
Mrs. Nancy H. Swanson
Mr. Daniel S. Taylor
Giovanni Testa
Miss Eryn Thompson
Mr. Henry Tileston
Mr. Joshua Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Chase Venters
Mr. Garret Walliman
Mr. Steven G. Walther
Mr. Gavin Wax
Mr. Paul F. Weber
Mr. Ronald R. White
Mr. Daniel M. Winterrowd
Mr. Roger Woodward


Thanks to Our Fall Campaign Donors 1

All donors will be listed on our home page this week. Recurring donors of $5 or more, or one-time donors of $60 or more, will receive a free copy of The Dollar Dilemma by Ron Paul.

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