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Yes, Export Bans on Vaccines Are a Problem, But Why Is the Supply of Vaccines so Limited in the First Place? 23
How Does When You Are Born Affect Who You Are? (NSQ Ep. 42) 24
Mayoral accountability and the provision of policing 25

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An Unnecessary “Stimulus” 36
The President and the Good King Dagobert 37
MiB: Bill Bernstein on the Delusions Of Crowds 38

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Yes Bank
Jordan Loves rise, why Georgia is so fascinating and more spring storylines 39
Telemedicine for Medicare and encouraging Health plans to increase offerings 40
Huskers add football players to basketball team 41

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Yul Kwon: “Don’t Try to Change Yourself All at Once.” (People I (Mostly) Admire, Ep. 13) 42

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Links 3/6/2021 58
The Jobs Recovery, Compared to the “Good Times” Trend 59
Pointless Pain Is What We’re Enduring. And All for the Sake of Accepting That Money is Not a Constraint on Our Potential, and Never Will Be 60

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