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2:00PM Water Cooler 1/25/2021 23
Transcript: Andrew Beer 24
Stimulus, More Stimulus and Taxes 25

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Alabama to Get New Marine Sanctuary? 36
Wolf Richter: Historic Mania in SPACs, IPOs. Huge Fees for Wall Street Banks. Mega Paydays for Insiders. Disdain for Valuations. Blind Faith that “This Time It’s Different” 37
Links 1/25/2021 38

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Yes Bank
Jordan Loves rise, why Georgia is so fascinating and more spring storylines 39
Telemedicine for Medicare and encouraging Health plans to increase offerings 40
Huskers add football players to basketball team 41

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Reader Query: Getting a Covid Vaccine in Your Area 57
Coronavirus and banking: Evaluating policy options for avoiding a financial crisis 58
COVID-19 and migrant workers’ employment prospects in Europe 59

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