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Why Trump’s Promise to Save Manufacturing Was One He Never Intended to Keep 24
Hooray! Met Our Second Target Quickly! On to the Third: Continuing Expanded News Coverage and Maybe Meetups 25
Evaluation of too-big-to-fail reforms 26

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There is no trade-off between quality and efficiency in public procurement 37
Abenomics: Big Debts with Nothing to Show for It 38
A Partial Defense of Milton Friedman’s 1970 NYT Essay 39

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Yes Bank
Jordan Loves rise, why Georgia is so fascinating and more spring storylines 40
Telemedicine for Medicare and encouraging Health plans to increase offerings 41
Huskers add football players to basketball team 42

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NYT Report: 9 of Every 10 Restaurants and Bars in N.Y.C. Can’t Pay Full Rent 55
2:00PM Water Cooler 9/24/2020 56

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